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George, Amy and Emma Sheppard perform with a desire to artistically and creatively express their
take on the world and to engage the youth that live within it.
The family holds a strong bond to Papua New Guinea, where Amy and George grew up. It was after
relocating to Australia that the three siblings began discovering their unique musical talent and ability
to play a variety of musical instruments. It wasn't long until the family discovered the talents of
Sydney musician/songwriter Jason Bovino. Jay was quickly recruited as a valuable member of the
songwriting team.
The group soon grew to a gang of six when they saw great potential in musicians Michael and
Jared. Sheppard have amassed a strong international following and are constantly developing their
local presence, infiltrating the music scene with their indie pop sound and youthful vulnerability.
In the coming months, they embark on a world tour, playing the Oppi Koppi festival in Johannesburg,
The Wilderness Festival in the UK and Summer Stage in Central Park, NYC. In July 2012, Hollywood
actress Brandi Cyrus will introduce the band at their Old Museum performance as part of her promo
tour for the film ‘Old 37’. Sheppard also feature in the film with Brandi.
The band have a growing fan base of over 60,000 Facebook fans across the world. To date they have
written and produced over 30 tracks, and continue to impress audiences with an ongoing supply of
new material.